I think it’s time once again to make a starter. (What is a starter?) A starter comes in many forms but most simply it is a mixture of flour and water that is left out and allowed to attract natural yeast and bacteria. Once it has been out for a number of days there is enough yeast present in the starter to make homemade bread. You use a portion of the starter to make a loaf and then reserve another portion of the starter for the next loaf. You must feed the starter daily to keep it alive but if you are successful with the starter it could be alive for generations. Imagine that… my son’s grandkids could be making bread from the starter I made.

I had a starter when Gabe and I were first married. I fed it everyday and made homemade bread nearly everyday as well. I even thought about making the move to California with my precious starter but we thought the pungeunt smell might be a bit much in our already cramped car.

Here are the instructions for the starter I will be making. The last time I made a starter I used grapes (yeast/bacteria are naturally more prevelent on fruit skins).

This starter will produce sourdough bread because I won’t be using commercial yeast so the bacteria in the starter will be nearly equal to the amount of yeast allowing the pungent bacteria to really flavor the bread…. sounds kind of gross but also so delicious.

It is the beginning of a new member of our family. One that must be fed daily and kept warm and safe and one that will produce some of the most incredible bread we have ever tasted. I have high expectations for this new family member.

Stay tuned for updates and photos from the process.