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Here she is. A thing of beauty isn’t it? So… they say baking is an exact science.. who are they? I have a habit of straying from the original recipe as is the case with this starter. If you look at the link I posted yesterday that recipe says to make a ball of dough and knead for 5-8 minutes. The mixture in the photo is the consistency of the starter I had a couple of years ago and it worked out beautifully. I think basically the idea is to make a mixture of flour and water and let nature take it’s course. My “recipe” is about 1/2 cup flour and about the same amount of water then I whisked that together. I have it sitting out with the lid just setting on it so that it is exposed to air.
I can’t wait to have that yeasty, home baked bread smell flooding my home everyday. They really should bottle that smell into a perfume, and fresh baked cookies… that would make a nice perfume too.