My husband and I recently came into a hefty supply of grass-fed, artisan finished beef thanks to my Uncle who just started the Yakima River Beef Co. (they ship 🙂 ) As I was thinking about what to have for dinner “Sloppy Joes” came to mind. I have no idea why… it’s usually not the first thing one would think to cook when they have such gorgeous meat. But let me assure you these were not any ‘ol Sloppy Joe. I baked fresh hamburger buns with toasted wheat germ, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. The “sloppy” part was seasoned with fresh herbs and the old traditional stand by’s; ketchup, paprika, onions, garlic and dark brown sugar. On the side was a generous serving up Salt ‘n Vinegar KettleChips.

A delicious “dressed-up” classic.


Hamburger Buns

adapted from Flo Braker

4 cups all purpose flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

1/3 cup toasted wheat germ

4 1/2 tsp. active dry yeast

2 tsp. salt

2 cups milk

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup butter



Combine flour, germ, yeast and salt in a stand mixer with the dough hook- reserving 2 cups of white flour to be added later.

Combine milk, sugar and butter in a pot and heat to 120*

Slowly pour milk mixture onto the dries while machine is on low. Increase speed to medium and mix for two minutes.

Add one cup of flour at a time. The dough should pull away from the side of the mixer.

Continue to mix on medium for 5 minutes.

Place dough in a clean bowl and allow to rise to at least 2 hours.

Punch down and divide dough into equal balls (I was able to make 10 buns – they were quite large)

Shape and place on sheet tray. Let rise until double. Pre-heat oven to 375* at least 20 minutes prior to baking.

Brush risen buns with egg wash (1 egg, 1 yolk) and sprink with sesame and poppy seeds. Bake until dark golden – about 20 minutes. Let cool.