I have a love/ hate relationship with wedding cakes. I think it is quite silly to try to create a delicious, moist cake that is vertical and structurally sound. At the same time I absolutely love the challenge.

I always tell my clients that taste comes first. I will never serve a dry piece of cake so sometimes I have to sacrifice the design to accommodate that. Now this also might be that I only have two years of wedding cake experience and have not had the opportunities to learn all the tricks to creating a delicious cake that is also visually stunning. However with the little experience I do have (all self-taught) I think I have managed to create some rather lovely and always delicious wedding cakes – if I do say so myself – which I hate doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Having said all that here are a couple images of a wedding cake that I created for a very close family friend of ours. The bride’s sister and I used to grow up playing “shop” pretending what we would be when we grew up. So it was quite momentous for me to be “grown -up” and creating this cake for her sister. I love what I do and still often feel as if I am playing a game. What a wonderful thing it is to love your career and to find it so fulfilling.

Lovely images were provided by my very talented photographer husband, Gabe.



Cake was served with a black current reduction and Dairy Queen soft serve (their family owned a local franchise)