Husband and Sherry Thanksgiving 2005

My pity party morning began with a super yummy, gooey cinnamon roll. I washed that down with orange juice and donuts. Next on the menu I am planning on indulging in a super juicy, laden-ed with-special sauce- cheese burger, crinkle fries and possibly a milkshake.

Why all the festivities you ask? Well, I should be in sunny L.A. right now with my husband enjoying the very momentous occasion of Sherry Yard’s wedding but instead he is there photographing the event while I eat, nap and wonder if every ache and pain I feel is the contraction that will send me to the hospital to deliver baby #2.

So, as happy as I am that Gabe gets to enjoy watching Sherry get married and all the hoopla and wonderment that goes with that I still can stay back in rainy Washington and wallow for a little bit. But I will say that pity is a lot easier to swallow when it’s surrounded with sugar, cheese and anything in the ice cream family.

With all sincerity I wish Sherry and Edward the best of luck today and I could not be happier for the both of them. I am so thrilled that they have found each other and I just know that he is going to make her life all the more sweet! I love you Sherry!!