Just a quick update… In Bellingham we are fortunate enough to have a large local garden that supplies gorgeous produce to thousands of residents. I anticipate the opening of Joe’s Garden every year and with much excitement, I read the billboard that tells me what they are selling currently every time I drive by the bountiful garden. Today as I drove past the sign read, “strawberries”! Really?!

We were blessed with a few days of sun this past week and it did wonders for the beautiful berries. As I walked into the farm-stand the fragrant smell of the berries was overwhelming. A sweet and floral scent that is reminiscent of summers in the northwest.

So despite my last post it appears that I will be enjoying strawberries that do not need the assistance of balsamic vinegar (and sugar – if very lackluster) to encourage their natural sweetness. Summer is really upon us… now bring on my favorite berry… the raspberry!!!