Basil Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Soup and a Panini

I’m working on my next class…. “Beating the Summer heat with some tasty frozen treats.” That’s not really the name of the class I just thought of that right this very moment…. which is actually quite impressive since my brain feels like a big pile of melted ice cream…. which is just about the worst thing I can possibly imagine… melting ice cream is one of my pet peeves…. well, I don’t know if I would call it a pet peeve it’s just really really painful for me to watch ice cream melt.

All that rambling to say that next week I will be posting my class notes again and the recipes that I present to the class. If you are in the Seattle (ish) area and want to see the class LIVE contact me or check out for more details.

In the meantime check out these tasty cold treats I’ve been finding….

Chocolate Dipped White Chocolate-Berry Popsicles

Frozen Watermelon-Lime Bars

Pistachio Gelato

Basil Ice Cream

Cheesy Ice Cream