Thanks to all of you who kept an eye on this lonely blog over the past couple of weeks. I was computer-less for about a week but I am now once again up and running with a shiny new (to me) MacBook Pro.

So computer (don’t have a name for it yet) and I are sitting at my dining room table doing a little puff pastry research as I will be teaching a class on the subject tomorrow! WHOO WHOO.

I can’t not even begin to tell you how much I adore puff pastry. Last week I made the magical dough and I found myself sitting in front of my oven with the little oven light on watching with child-like excitement as the little pastry layers slowly revealed themselves. My niece sat with me for a little while and watched until her dad offered to put on Toy Story. “I think I would rather see Toy Story than watching the puff pastry in the oven.” She said. She’s crazy. I mean Toy Story is a great movie, but COME ON! It’s puff freakin’ pastry…. it is magic!

I will be creating an multi-coursed meal in which every course will include puff pastry. Appetizer, main and of course dessert. It is sure to be a beautiful, buttery meal.

As always I will post my notes and recipes (once I have them done 🙂